Europe’s Direction Seems The Best For The US

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europesdirectionFew, if any, observers are suggesting that there is any chance of reviving Europe’s grim use of the guillotine, garrote, firing squad, or noose for those condemned by the courts. Most EU member states stopped executions decades ago; Portugal last executed a condemned prisoner in 1849, Sweden in 1910. Nearly forty European states have signed or ratified Protocol 6, the provision in the European Convention on Human Rights that outlaws the death penalty. Signing and ratification of the protocol is now a prerequisite for membership in the EU and the Council of Europe, which now comprises forty one nations, including Russia which signed, and Turkey which declined.

Nearly one-hundred countries, mainly in Asia, Latin America, and Africa, continue to impose death sentences or have kept the death penalty on the books. European heads of state and government, parliamentarians, and human rights groups regularly press the case for abolition in these nations, often in specific cases and particularly in the United States. According to Amnesty International, the number of executions in the United States last year reached ninety-eight, compared to 1,077 executions in China, and 165 in Iran, out of a total of 1,813 executions in thirty-one countries. In the view of Robert Badinter, who in 1981 as Socialist justice …

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